Recess Wreck Less Rail Jam

RECESS presents the 2nd Annual

wRECklESS rail jam…

When: Sunday March 13th 2011

Where: Appalachian Ski Mtn
Registration: 10am – 12pm (no later) Contest begins just after registration.

Snowboarders and Skiers male/female/grom of all levels welcome. There will be two categories… beginnerish/intermediate as one and then you will have advanced. Snowboard and Ski will be judged separately. This is not an advanced contest only… as long as you can hit rails you will have a blast! We are shooting for a creative fun setup that you will not want to miss out on. We encourage your participation… jam format is always a bit mellower and competition will help push your progression. For some reason last season everyone thought this was advance only but it is not.

Fee: $15.00 CASH ONLY

CASH PRIZE for Advance and tons of great prizes for Intermediate.

All Cash from entries goes in to a pot for advanced categories… Plus DC is throwing in an extra $500 to boost the wages. This means there should be plenty of cash to go around. Cash will go to 1st,2nd,3rd place advance snowboard and ski. 1st place intermediate is taking home a snowboard and automatically going to Advance Finals Rail Jousting Death Match!
Format: Rail Jam Style. Beginnerish and Intermediate riders will all jam it out at the same time going for the gold! Probably 30 to 45 min jam session on ATPs sickest rail setup!! This will include all snowboarders, skiers, groms, guys and gals who feel they are on a beginnerish to intermediate riding level. There will be 1st,2nd,3rd for snowboard and ski as well as a stand out grom and female rider award.

The catch for this category is the 1 place winners for Snowboard and Ski will automatically be able to ride in the Advance Finals Rail Jousting Death Match where they will have a chance to prove themselves and take a crack at winning some cash!

Advance Snowboard and Ski categories will have a 30 to 45 min jam session. Then the judges will decide who is going to the Rail Jousting Death Match Finals!

What the Rail Jousting Death Match Finals will consist of… We will pick 3 key features from the event and battle each one, one at a time. Each rider in finals gets 3 attempts on each of the 3 features. All attempts will count!!! This will give 9 hits per rider to show ultimate shredding skills! Winner is taking home the big coin! This leaves the door open for anyone to come out on top.

Cash Money!!! All riders will pay $15.00 to enter the contest. CASH ONLY for entry. All the money from the entries will go to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in advanced snowboard and advanced ski. There should be a solid amount of dollars up for grabs!! The snowboard cash prize will consist of all the snowboard entry money and the ski cash prize will consist of all the ski entry money. Plus DC is throwing in another $500 into the pot!! If we have 50 riders that is $750 + the extra $500 from DC; you would be looking at $1250 total CASH!! This total may be more or less depending on number of riders. The cash will be divided into percentages based on placement.

There should be a great crew of sponsors on the hill for this one… DC, Analog, and Oakley guys are making their way up to hang out and hook up some prizes. Other prizes from Rome Snowboards, Neff, Skullcandy, Windells, and Union will be up for grabs.

Judges will be looking for Consistency (this does not mean the same trick over and over, repeated ticks on the same feature will not be counted), Style, and Trick Difficulty. All of these will be the deciding factor in who advances and who places.

This is going to be a super fun time with some great shredding. Spectators are encouraged and there will be much to see.

Thanks again to our sponsors: DC, Analog, Oakley, Neff, Windells, ATP, Skullcandy, Union, and Rome

PS. Sorry for the lengthy write up/details. See you on the hill