Fresh Friday 8

ATP’s final Fresh Friday finished off a great season of some new and progressive setups.

  Mar 23, 2009

Park Laps 2008-09

A few quick laps through the Appaljack Terrain Park with Charlie Owens, Brian Cook, and Charlie Jonas.

  Mar 4, 2009

Fresh Friday 6

Introducing ATP’s signature Red Bull Wallride, set up in the Appal Jam Terrain Park.

  Feb 22, 2009

Fresh Friday 5

Some action in the Appaljack Terrain Park on three new setups for ATP’s fifth Fresh Friday.

  Feb 18, 2009

Shred for the Cup – Big Air

ATP’s second event of the Shred for the Cup series – going down on three of the nicest jumps of the season.

  Feb 11, 2009

Fresh Friday 4

The fourth Fresh Friday at ATP highlighted the region’s first channel gap.

  Feb 1, 2009

Fresh Friday 3

ATP’s third Fresh Friday introduced the signature Logo box and also a Juice box combo.

  Jan 24, 2009

Ladies Park Night 2008-09

Our first Ladies Park Night of the 2008-09 season featured a girls-only custom park setup in Candied Appal.

  Jan 23, 2009

Fresh Friday 2

Ryan’s Shred for Sarcoma – Remembering a good friend with a session on a 20′ Up box and a Flat Down Combo rail.

  Jan 18, 2009

Shred for the Cup – Slopestyle

ATP’s first event of its signature Shred for the Cup series – the Slopestyle, going down in the Appal Jam Terrain Park.

  Jan 6, 2009

Fresh Friday 1

Getting the 2008-09 event season off to a great start, the session included a 30′ Down Flat Down box and a 16′ rainbow box step up.

  Jan 4, 2009