Meltdown Games 2009

The last day of our 2008-09 season, complete with a 7-kink 73ft rail, an 80′ pond skim, a high ollie contest, and more.

  Apr 6, 2009

Fresh Friday 7

ATP’s seventh Fresh Friday featured tons of jump option of all variety on Candied Appal.

  Mar 7, 2009

Opening Weekend 2008-09

Take a look at ATP’s opening weekend through the eyes of some real skiers.

  Dec 1, 2008

Season Promo 2008-09

Get stoked for the upcoming season and check out some amazing highlights from 2007-08!

  Apr 12, 2008

Night Laps & SFTC 2008

A variety of park setups as well as some coverage from ATP’s Shred for the Cup Slopestyle.

  Jan 12, 2008

Shred for the Cup Big Air

The first event of ATP’s Shred for the Cup Series, featuring the two nicest tables of the 2007-08 season.

  Jan 5, 2008