Rome Pre-Jib / 1st Day Recap

What a great way to finally get the season started today!


The ATP crew was on hill this morning super early to make sure lots of fun features were available for everyone to session. 10 rails/boxes/jibs were setup in the Appaljack Terrain Park, including – 24’ Down Flat Kink Rail, 20’ Culvert, 18’ Round Rail, 16’ Down Box, 12’ Flat Box, New Kicker Box, 10’ Round Rail, a Transitioned Kicker Box, a 10’ Down Rail, and another 10’ Round Rail. Lots of nice, mellow, short and fun options to start the season off right.


Snowmaking was in progress for the majority of the day, given the current forecast, we need to make as much as possible when possible! The guns were turned off for a few hours so everyone could really get down and shred for the Rome Pre-Jib – which went off on the top tier of features.

Rome Pre Jib Action – Photo: Mackenzie Johnson


Over 60 snowboarders signed up to shred in the Pre-Jib and the energy was amazing to watch – people were picking up their riding right where they left off last season, and some seemed to have magically progressed over the summer! ATP’s new 2’ diameter 20’ Culvert and the trusty 24’ Down Flat Rail seemed to be the choice features of the day, getting hit non-stop. Big shout out to Rome Snowboards and Recess Ride Shop for making the event happen.


It sure feels great to be back on snow again – look for the crew to completely break down the setup tonight, in order to make as much snow as possible in Appaljack. A brand new combination of new features will be out to shred tomorrow for the SPY Super Session – if you aren’t here this weekend, you are blowing it!


Rome Pre-Jib Final Results:
1) Austin Leonard
2) Kris Jones
3) TJ Kern
1) Bret Kline
2) Amber Hart
Photo: Mackenzie Johnson



Check back for updated photo gallery(s) and video edits of the Pre-Jib soon!