SFTC Slopestyle Finals Recap

And just as quickly as it came, ATP’s signature Shred for the Cup series is in the books for the 10-11 Season. The 3 event series culminated on Saturday, March 19th, with the always fun Slopestyle Finals. Given the unpredictable nature of the weather this time of year in the High Country, there is no telling what to expect. Several days leading into the Finals had a distinct “Summertime” theme, with temps in the seventies under sunny skies and breezy winds! Despite the ongoing melt, the ATP crew put everything they had into setting and maintaining a flowing, versatile setup down Appal Jam and Candied Appal. The course featured a medium-large tabletop for both intermediate & advanced riders, into a true table with an orange orb bonk option, into another true table & a handrail option with several takeoff possibilities, including a large committing gap, into 3 ender features – your choice of a 24′ Flat Box, our trusty 18′ Round OG handrail, or the 30′ Down Flat Down handrail. All features were groomed out, salted, and ready to go shortly after registration ended around 11:30.

75 competitors came out on the bluebird Saturday to shred, and they did not disappoint. Every single feature in the course was getting sessioned non-stop during warm-ups and the event. It was really great to see the intermediate riders step to the larger jump with quite a large bag of tricks. Advanced riders were on their game as always, with huge spins, switch takeoffs, stylie grabs & more on the top jump, innovative bonks on the orange orb, and some tech rail tricks & committing disasters down at the rail section.

Riders Meeting up at the Drop in

Beginner and Intermediates were given 2 drops with their best single run score counting as their final score. Advanced was judged the same, but were allowed 3 runs to really push themselves and their tricks.

For the skiers, Berkley Wilcox held down the #1 spot and walked away with some sick Lib Tech Skis. Alec Simpson was the man to beat for the boarders, really on it today – stomping large spins off the jump and staying consistent & technical through the bottom section. After the event awards – points were tallied and overall series winners were announced and received their signature 10-11 Victory Cup.

Men’s Advanced Snowboard Podium

Men’s Advanced Ski Podium

Overall Series Winners:

Men’s Beginner Snowboard: Zach Cole
Men’s Beginner Ski: Austin Graham
Women’s Snowboard: Emma Balbier
Women’s Ski: Chelsea Zacher
Men’s Intermediate Snowboard: Thomas Graham
Men’s Intermediate Ski: Canyon Mueller
Men’s Advanced Snowboard: Kris Jones
Men’s Advanced Ski: Ross Rowan

Thanks to all of our event sponsors for making this possible: Recess, Never Summer, Lib Tech, Nomis, Neff, Drop, 686, Spyder, Dakine, Skullcandy, Analog, Canvassed Apparel, Volcom, Electric, Spy, Burton, & Anon.

Shred for the Cup Slopestyle Final Results:

Men’s Beginner Snowboard:
1) Ezequiel Oruez
2) Cody Carnella
3) Zach Cole

Men’s Beginner Ski:
1) Austin Graham
2) Jack Greene
3) Jacob Leyshon

Women’s Snowboard:
1) Courtney Kapral
2) Molly Clay
3) Emma Balbier

Men’s Intermediate Snowboard:
1) Julien Passajou
2) Garrett Okun
3) Thomas Graham

Men’s Intermediate Ski:
1) Kellan Baker
2) Canyon Mueller
3) Thomas Cline

Men’s Advanced Snowboard:
1) Alec Simpson
2) Kris Jones
3) Austin Leonard

Men’s Advanced Ski:
1) Berkley Wilcox
2) Ross Rowan
3) Tanner Sinclair

Appalachian Ski Mtn. will be hosting the annual Winter Meltdown Games this next Saturday & Sunday – don’t miss out on lots of fun events to end the season right! All events for Meltdown Games are free with a purchase of a ski ticket.